John Lobb

The world’s finest shoemakers, John Lobb is renowned for expert craftsmanship of hand made to measure and ready to wear shoes.

John Lobb shoes originated in England in the mid 1800’s, during the Edwardian era of lavish grandeur, where Cornish farm boy, John Lobb learnt the craft of shoemaking.

In 1866, John Lobb opened his first shop in London and by 1902 he opened his second store in Paris. In 1976, the famous French luxury brand Hermés took ownership of the famous trademark.

Today, John Lobb shoes epitomise quality and elegance. A work of art - each pair of Lobbs benefits from six weeks of meticulous hand craftsmanship, finishing and inspection. Goodyear welt construction is the traditional English shoemaking technique unique to John Lobb. This assists in making the shoe strong, supportive and hard wearing.

Incredibly, there are over 40 stages in the production process to produce a pair of John Lobb shoes, with a number of craftsmen working on each pair of shoes. The best quality leathers are used, carefully chosen from tanneries that use the finest, time-honoured methods of tanning.

Parker & Co. is the exclusive stockist in Australia for John Lobb footwear.