Made to Measure - Kiton

Kiton is a luxury, bespoke clothing company co-founded in 1956 in Naples, Italy by Ciro Paone, a fifth-generation fabric merchant, and Antonio Carola.

Launched in 1968, the brand gets its name from the Greek word chiton, a sewn garment worn by the Greeks that the Romans later called a tunic.

Unlike many fashion houses, Kiton demands that its suits and bespoke products are created by hand. This means hours of hand stitching, hand cutting and attention to detail by master tailors. It is estimated that it takes 45 tailors to turn out a single garment.

The most luxurious suit in the world is the Kiton K-50 line, because it takes master tailor Enzo D’Oris, 50 hours to produce it by hand and there are no more than 50 of these suits made each year.

It is constructed of only the finest materials available; wool from merino sheep direct from Australia and New Zealand with fibers less than 14 microns in diameter, demonstrating the lightest texture and softness of any suit in history.

Kiton dress shirts are also hand finished. In addition, the sevenfold silk neckties and pocket squares are also made from the finest materials.


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