Made to Measure - Pal Zileri

Pal Zileri is a fashion house based in Vicenza, Italy.

Launched in 1970, the men's clothing lines include Pal Zileri Sport, Pal Zileri Sartoriale and Pal Zileri Abito Privato.

Pal Zileri was named after an Italian aristocratic family originating from Vicenza.

Fabrics are selected from some of Italy’s finest mills. For certain collections, Pal Zileri assign fabrics to be produced to its exclusive specifications.

Pal Zileri Sartoriale is the premier Pal Zileri collection. Sartoriale offers a virtually tailor-made experience due to the large amount of hours invested in the detail and finishing, developing the luxury product. The style of this made-to-measure couture collection is based on the renowned craftsmanship of Neapolitan tailoring.


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