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Corporate Wear

Why wear a suit for the workplace?

The suit is the attire of sophisticated gentlemen in our culture. While there is increasing informality in dress codes, the classic suit remains the calling card of the corporate world. 

The suit portrays professionalism and commands respect. And no-one has yet devised an ensemble more flattering for today's gentleman.

What should you look for when buying a suit?

  • The cut and fit of a suit are the most important attributes. The cut should accentuate and complement the silhouette. A good fit begins with the shoulders and chest of the jacket.
  • Whatever a man's physique, he should shop with his individual body type in mind. The principles of proportion and colour can be applied to enhance a man's appearance, regardless of height or build.
  • Quality is appreciated long after the price is forgotten. A quality suit is an investment. The world's finest suits are made using labour-intensive methods and exquisite fabrics of superfine Australian wool.

What suit colours should one consider for the workplace?

Navy blue and charcoal grey are considered traditional "power dressing" colours.

What type of business shirt is optimal for work?

  • When selecting a business shirt, cut, fit and fabric are again of supreme importance. The point collar and spread collar are the two basic shapes, of which there are many variations. The collar's shape should flatter a man's facial bone structure and fit perfectly. Quality business shirts are usually made from pure cotton.
  • The shirt cuff may be a double French cuff, which is worn with cufflinks or a single buttoned cuff. The sleeve length of a suit jacket should just cover the wrist bone so that the shirt cuff is visible below the jacket sleeve to dress the hand.
  • Finally, the tie adds a finishing touch to the whole ensemble.

When is a suit jacket appropriate?

The suit jacket is a symbol of authority and is worn in formal business situations. Its removal signifies informality and relaxation. The jacket's buttons are worn buttoned up when a gentleman is standing (except the bottom button which is always left undone) and is undone when he is seated.

What about shoes and socks in the workplace?

Shoes are arguably the most articulate items in a man's corporate wardrobe. Many people judge a man's character and standing by his shoes. They should be of high quality and meticulously polished and maintained.

Socks should be in the same shade or darker than the suit or coordinate with the tie and should be long enough to avoid revealing any bare leg when seated.

Need expert advice?

At Parker & Co. we offer expert guidance on suiting and consider the right fit and cut for individual needs, advising on the right shapes, colours and patterns to flatter your body type.

If you are still unsure of what suit is right for you, simply call us on +61 (8) 9321 8621 or visit us in store at Trinity Arcade or Claremont Quarter.