Styling - First Impressions

First Impressions

What are some valuable tips for Success Dressing?

  • Traditional authority colours for suits are navy and charcoal grey. Remember, never do up the bottom button on your jacket – it should be left open.
  • Short-sleeved shirts should never be worn with a tie. Generally they are best avoided in business situations.
  • Shoes are perceived as a key indicator of a man's presentation both in business and social settings. Your shoes should always be clean, shined, in good repair and appropriate to the occasion.
  • Socks should be the same shade or darker than your trousers or coordinate with your tie colour and should be long enough to avoid revealing your bare leg when seated.
  • Belts should match your shoes.
  • Ties should reach your belt.

What are three things a professional gentleman should consider when purchasing a work wardrobe?

  1. A two piece charcoal or navy suit
  2. Crisp white shirts
  3. Quality pair of dress shoes

You can build a work wardrobe around these three essential pieces.

Is it important to wear classic, timeless pieces?

With classic pieces you can add colour and accessories to achieve more than one look, creating a different style each time over the working week; as fashion accessories have a shorter life span. Tailored pieces should also be updated over the years as minor changes each season can make a very big difference after 5-10 seasons.

Does it pay to be 'fashionable' and wear trend driven pieces in the work place?

Our recommendation is to buy quality modern classic pieces that won't date. For instance a check or cashmere felt jacket is a classic look but adopts modern elements with its tailored cut and shortened length. Save fashionable pieces for ties and accessories. For example, a bold tie adds a vibrant edge to the classic elements of your suit and overall look.