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Styling Shoes

What is the must-have shoe for the corporate gentleman?

The professional gentleman should consider shoes as investment pieces and his resolve for purchase based on quality craftsmanship. A pair of John Lobb or Church’s shoes is essential to his wardrobe. This season’s footwear style is back to a more rounded toe as opposed to the chisel pointed toe.

What should a gentleman look for in a good quality shoe?

Handmade leather craftsmanship is imperative.
Leather breathes, hence your feet sweat less and ultimately smell less. Leather also keeps your feet cooler all day long. Handmade leather sole shoes are an initial quality investment, yet they are more durable. The life span of the shoe is much longer as the leather soles can be replaced or repaired by master shoe makers such as John Lobb or Church’s. Over time, this offers much better value for money. Gentlemen with wider feet also benefit, as these shoes can be accommodated in EEE sizing and ordered through Parker & Co’s stores accordingly.

The essential footwear for the corporate man should include?

Derby and Oxford styles as well as Chelsea Boots are ideal for the office. The Derby has a high instep and is considered more comfortable than an Oxford, also offering enhanced flexibility and movement.

What is the best way to maintain your shoes?

Rotate the wear of your shoes by only wearing each pair, twice a week. Utilise a cedar shoe tree as it absorbs the perspiration and maintains the leather in quality shape. If you take good care of your shoes, the leather intensifies in colour over the years. Clean them regularly with cream to provide nutrients into the leather of the shoe. Finally, ensure you apply a high finish bees wax polish to protect them from water, especially for those cold, wet winter months.

What shoe labels does Parker & Co. stock?

Parker & Co. carries an exclusive selection of handmade couture shoes crafted by Europe’s most esteemed footwear artisans. These include John Lobb, Church’s, TOD’s, Kiton and Ermenegildo Zegna.