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Anthracite Silk Robe


A dressing gown made of pure silk will enhance your evenings and the start to the day with moments of total relaxation. For this dressing gown, a high-quality silk with 19 momme (approx. 80g/m²) is used. This silk is pleasantly heavy and smooth. It has a dense weave and is highly resistant to creasing. It is also very skin-friendly and particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. The colours in this dyed silk have a wonderful brilliance. The dressing gown comes in a classic style that reaches to the knee. It has a comfortable shawl collar and pockets. Discreet piping around the collar, sleeves and pockets add a touch of elegance. A tie belt allows the dressing gown to be closed in a casual style. The dressing gown has a relaxed drape and offers excellent temperature regulation thanks to the high-quality silk. In cool temperatures it feels comfortably warm; when conditions are warmer it has a pleasantly cool feel. 

  • Anthracite grey colour
  • Pure silk
  • Shawl collar
  • Discreet piping