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Navy Silk Boxer Shorts


The Zimmerli boxer shorts are made of pure silk to promote perfect sleep and relaxation. Silk is made up of proteins in a similar way to human skin, which is why it is particularly good for sensitive skin. For these boxer shorts, a high-quality silk with 19 momme (approx. 80g/m²) is used. This silk is very delicate while still being strong. It has a dense weave and is also particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. High-quality silk of this kind has a radiant colour, a pleasant fabric weight and is very resistant to creasing. 

These boxer shorts come in a relaxed style and have a comfortably stretchy waistband with two pearl buttons. They have a casual drape and the colours in the discreet designs on this dyed silk have a particular brilliance. The material used in the boxer shorts offers excellent temperature regulation. In cool temperatures it feels comfortably warm; when conditions are warmer it has a pleasantly cool feel. 

  •  pure silk
  • brilliant colours
  • comfortable waistband
  • crease-resistant